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Andrew Lang

Chief Risk Officer at Co-op

Appointed to Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Foundation Trust

“I have been hugely impressed with the support, advice and guidance provided by the Notum team and absolutely recommend their services. The process was thoroughly explained, expertly guided and broken into segments to ensure I progressed quickly, but with focus on specific areas. Following production of the CV, the team regularly provided me with opportunities based on my preferences. This enabled me to assess various possibilities, before applying for roles in which I was interested. They provided support and advice on my application and supporting letter/statement. Jim provided fantastic guidance and advice ahead of me being interviewed for my first role within an NHS Trust. The structure that Jim provided, key points to raise and emphasise, as well as areas to be aware of and highlight was a critical part of my success at interview and enabled me to approach it with confidence.”

Steve Dickson

General Manager BT, NEC Prospect Union

Appointed to Scottish Water, Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service and Armed Forces Pay Review Body

"The transition from an executive role to non-executive can be a tricky one. However, the support provided by Notum ensured that I was fully prepared for the journey that lay ahead. It is a highly competitive market and I was helped at every stage, from CV right through to application and beyond. Notum expertly sourced roles to match my interests and skills and were always on hand to guide me through the process, providing an excellent level of direction, focus and insight. I am now thoroughly enjoying this new chapter of my career and would highly recommend Notum to anyone looking for their first NED role or for existing NEDs to build their portfolio and grow their network."

Over 500 board appointments to date.


End to end support in securing a non-executive or trustee appointment.


Unrivalled & extensive senior network and support platform of other successful non-executive peers.


Navigating the competitive non-executive environment can be a frustrating experience. With over 10 years experience, our team at Notum can support you all the way from creating a fit for purpose CV, sourcing opportunities, building applications and preparing for interview.


We specialise in supporting individuals taking their first steps from executive to non-executive as well as seasoned non-executives looking to grow their portfolios.

The programme allows you to build your reputation and develop your governance, leadership and networking skills in a main board environment where you can make a positive impact on society.


In addition to experience-based learning, the programme provides an unrivalled senior networking opportunity.

Relaxed Businessman

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